Mint Chocolate Chip or Strawberry? Don’t Guess, Use Polling To Know What Your Tenants Want  

Cohesion Smart Building Technology Polling

The people in your building want to be heard – but they don’t want to spend too much time on giving feedback. As Forbes writes, “Younger workers express their opinions more freely than previous generations.” This means an opportunity for building management teams to capture the needs of people in the building and leverage that data to provide the best workplace ever. 

Cohesion Smart Building Technology Polling
Polling Feature – Cohesion Unified Software Platform

Engagement with tenants and employees can be very time consuming and costly using traditional email or paper surveys. Building operations teams need a fast, easy tool people will actually use and that quickly provides feedback. 

Our new polling feature is exactly what your teams need for fast, effective knowledge gathering from the people in your buildings. It gives your operations teams a platform to solicit feedback from all building personnel, or a select group of people by company or role.  

With a single, multiple-choice question, users are able to provide an easy user experience for immediate responses. They are alerted to the poll via email and in-app notifications, allowing them to answer within moments. And why just one question? It’s science. Research indicates the fewer, short and direct questions that are in a poll the better the participation and results.  

You can have multiple polls going at once, and multiple people on your team can manage them. With live, real-time data, you can view a breakdown of how respondents answered, which removes the hassle of manually gathering responses and creating metrics. All poll responses are anonymous so your respondents can feel comfortable with honest feedback. Data collected includes how many responses were received, what the responses were, and when they were received. When you are satisfied with the number of respondents, simply close the poll. 

Now, you can amplify your ice cream social by leveraging the polling feature and know with confidence that you are providing the people in your building the options they want. Or ask your tenants any question regarding amenity desires, hybrid work expectations and any other question that can help you attain your operational or experiential goals. 

“Its really exciting to feel like I can contribute to the in-office experience,” said a user. “Taking polls in the Cohesion app is incredibly easy, and I feel like building staff are actually responding to my feedback.” 

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