Real-Time IAQ Optimizer

Intelligent IAQ monitoring and autonomous optimization ​

Healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) can return up to a $6,500 increase in productivity, per employee1 and up to a 35% decrease in absenteeism2.

Cohesion’s IAQ optimization continually measures indoor air quality and increases the flow of fresh air into affected spaces to reduce pollutant levels in real time.

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Following building certification guidelines, we plan IAQ sensor locations and map their location to the corresponding mechanical systems.


Get continually monitored TVOC, PM2.5, PM10.0, and CO2 pollutants and alert permissioned operators to high levels (based on ASHRAE guidelines).


Our IAQ dashboards provide critical insights into how pollutants move through HVAC zones and building and spaces over time, providing a window into current air quality and allowing a deep dive into IAQ trends.


Automatically optimize building conditions through autonomous remote BAS control that increases airflow in the affected zones and spaces, and notifies management of adjustments.

Why should I optimize air quality in my building?

Improve transparency

Provide all occupants with visibility into indoor environmental conditions.

Boost confidence

Offer reassurance to tenants returning to the office environment.

Improve productivity and health

For all occupants.

What does it take to optimize indoor air quality?

Connected IAQ Sensors

Most WELL, ASHRAE and UL-certified sensors will provide real-time IAQ data
that Cohesion can integrate into our system.

​ A Modern BMS or BAS with BACNet

Cohesion can send automated commands to remotely increase air flow via the HVAC System.

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Improve transparency—provide all occupants with visibility into indoor environmental conditions.

Improve confidence—among tenants returning to the office environment.

Improve productivity and health for all occupants

Connected IAQ Sensors – most Well, ASHRAE and UL certified sensors will provide real-time IAQ data Cohesion can integrate into our system.

A Modern BMS or BAS with BACNet –  so Cohesion can send automated commands to remotely increase air flow via the HVAC System

Cohesion optimizes IAQ when elevated levels are consistent for more than 10 minutes. Optimization begins virtually instantaneously and can successfully return IAQ to safe levels, usually in just a few minutes.

In our research, during  IAQ optimization events, the overall energy utilization actually dropped.

The type and number of sensors you need will depend on you project goals. We are sensor agnostic and will work with your team to select the appropriate quantity and type of sensor to meet your objectives.

Our IAQ Program and Data Platform can help you achieve points toward most industry-recognized certifications such as WELL, RESET, and LEED.

Absolutely! Our IAQ Program is built specifically with this in mind, allowing you to welcome Tenants back to the office safely.

Yes, we can integrate with your BAS Systems. 

We integrate alongside your BAS System, temporarily overriding the system to increase airflow and returning full control back to the automation system. Engineers can see our commands natively in their BAS workstations and by default can manual override any of our optimizations. We never take control away from Engineers in a building.

Breathe easy with our IAQ program

Learn more about the importance of indoor air quality and how our technology makes it easy to monitor and automate for a safe, healthy building.

1: Allen, Joseph G., Research: Stale Office Air Is Making You Less Productive, Harvard Busines Review, 2017.

2: Milton, D.K., Glencross, P.M. and Walters, M.D., Risk of Sick Leave Associated with Outdoor Air Supply Rate, Humidification, and Occupant Complaints. Indoor Air, 10: 212-221, 2000

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