Streamlined digital operations for commercial real estate

Automate time-consuming manual tasks, reduce costs through software displacements, optimize environments through real-time command and control. All in a single platform.

Multiple people siting around a table brainstorming. Each has the cohesion app showing the data from their building to make better decisions.

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One-stop digital operations platform

People Management​

Manage access to physical and digital amenities for all building users and ensure timely communications.

Grant and control permissions to access the physical building resources, features, and systems across the platform.

Offer a single mobile keycard that connects and enables access to all touchpoints from curb to desk. This includes building and suite level clearance, all in one.

Inform subsets of users of building events, general announcements, and emergency alerts through push notifications, text messaging, e-mail, and robocall options.

Polls users, collect valuable feedback and drive tenant engagement.

Cohesion software dashboard to add a new user for access cards.
Cohesion software for amenities featuring a rooftop lounge and all of its details and reservation information.

Property Operations​

Digitize workflows to manage your property and spaces with ease – all while keeping digital records.

Invite visitors and our platform automatically generates an email to coordinate visits, information, mobile access, and arrival notifications. 

Spotlight, manage , and approve amenity usage across tenants to maximize ROI and  space utilization.

Manage and store documents in one digital place, with role-based permissions for uploading, managing and viewing.

Through push notifications, SMS text messaging, e-mail, and robocall inform subsets of users of building events, general announcements, and emergency alerts. 

Maintenance Management​

Manage maintenance on a standalone basis or via an integration to a third-party system. Timely maintenance is a key driver of tenant satisfaction. 

Manage, coordinate, and bill operational maintenance needs by coordinating with tenants and maintenance staff.

Track and manage vendor work and associated certificate of insurance (COI) documents to ensure compliance.

Gain visibility into the model, network status, readings and more for critical system assets and IoT devices.

Cohesion software dashboard with assets tool and vendor management tool.
Cohesion software dashboard featuring air quality measurements and tools on a desktop computer and on a phone.

Environmental Controls

Digitally map, connect, and analyze device data trends and command back to equipment to optimize environments.

Streamline after-hours HVAC scheduling using your current systems and automate request fulfillment with approval processes. 

Physically and digitally map sensors to monitor pollutants and alert permissioned operators to high levels based on ASHRAE guidelines.

Automatically optimize building conditions by increasing outdoor air exchange for a healthy, efficient building.


No. Cohesion has native capabilities for all the features listed above. If you have an existing solution that you have grown used to, we offer deep integrations with most major CMMS platforms so there is not interruption of service for your team. With Cohesion, you benefit from rich customization of roles and permission across the platform, to ensure the right people can perform the right building tasks.

Yes! The Cohesion app does not replace or break the existing functionality your BAS system provides. In fact, Cohesion commands to devices directly to augment existing systems based on a broad set of contextual data. We make any building an intelligent building and help you achieve digital cohesion with our real time digital operations.

Cohesion has a dedicated implementation team that proactively engages with your building staff to all existing and new building systems setup on the platform. We also host trainings, share how-to guides, and ensure every tenant company adoption is high.  

Let's get digital!

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