Mobile Keycard

A mobile keycard so easy, it feels like magic

A differentiated arrival experience that minimizes touch points, reduces plastic, and elevates everyday tasks with best-in-class smart controls. 

Cohesion Touchless Access Control Making Buildings Smart


average surface touchpoints
reduced per building


total adoption
of the platform


average mobile keycard
swipes per day

Easy. Secure. Sustainable.


Wave a smartphone at keycard readers equipped with Bluetooth/NFC radios for instant entry.

Unified Mobile Access

Synchronized with all building entry points, even office suites, for truly seamless access.


Cloud-based configuration and controls - freeze, revoke or manage an individual’s access rights, instantaneously.


One-tap credential in a matter of seconds - no emailing back and forth for days.


Encrypted in the device keystore the moment the mobile credential is downloaded on the phone. Tied to a specific device so it cannot be lent or transferred like physical keycards.


No more plastic keycards to lose or forget—phones are rarely forgotten at home.

A mobile keycard experience so simple, everybody wants it

Our mobile keycard experience does not require you to write down a 16-digit code, wait for an email, or take 10 steps. It’s simple and that’s important for adoption.

Drives sustainability

Easy-to-use with one touch set up

More secure than physical badges

Certified integrations with large OEMs


It is software downloaded onto a phone that’s used in a secure and encrypted manner within the Cohesion app. The mobile keycard has a unique identifier that replicates the physical badge commonly used in building access control systems such as turnstiles. Like a physical badge, the mobile keycard can be used to unlock common space doors, turnstiles, and elevator kiosks in a building

Yes! With our unified mobile credential, you can get rid of multiple plastic keycards and access both the building and office suite. You can also switch between buildings and access multiple buildings in the system with your mobile phone.

No. Our app is secure and only allows those with clearance and credentials to use the app. This means those who are visiting the building café or other public areas cannot also access the app and gain entry to areas they should not be.

Get the mobile keycard everyone wants

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