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Case Study

Smart Buildings Deliver

Proven adoption and utilization for greater savings and efficient operations

Cohesion provides a single, feature-rich platform for centralized management and data access that conserves time, resources, and money. The patented technology delivers proven adoption and usage metrics delivering transparency and value by connecting every user action inside of a building. A connected experience unifies the digital experience with the physical one in a building to save money. Below represents some key utilization and ROI metrics that Cohesion delivers.

Delivering Value

$0.13 psf

software displacement savings

Touchless Access Control

Touchless Access Control - Case Study

Sustainable, Secure and Seamless

With the best Access Control experience and unrivaled tech reliability, Cohesion’s integrated touchless mobile features offer a simpler, better, and
safer experience for users while reducing plastic waste and increasing healthy building outcomes.

Featuring the only instant-credentialed mobilekeycard, users can access parking, building, elevatorand office suite all with the same keycard – right ontheir phone with the click of a single touch. Cohesioneliminates the need for plastic cards and fobs,making buildings more efficient, environmentally andoperationally

Digital Utilization

Cohesion’s touchless access mobile features three of the most utilized app functionality. Users can viewdata in real-time for occupancy, arrival times and location of entry, which offers them valuable space utilization insights and trends for analytics.

IAQ Optimization

Healthier Spaces Tenants Can Trust

As tenants returned to the office this summer, our customers have leveraged Cohesion to provide full transparency of their overall indoor air quality in their common spaces to building occupants. With continual monitoring and real-time optimization of air flow, Cohesion reduced pollutants in real time, ensuring healthy indoor air quality in an energy neutral and efficient manner. 

IAQ Optimization Case Study Cohesion

HVAC + Energy

HVAC + Energy Case Study Cohesion

Automated Energy Savings

Cohesion’s demand-based software HVAC controls reduce overall energy usage and costs. The smart building platform enables demand-based
automations for HVAC systems that respond to tenant-booked amenity spaces and/ or real-time sensor monitoring within specific spaces.

Cohesion’s HVAC controls, IAQ optimization and amenity booking features work in unison to conserve resources including energy, costs, CO2 emissions, and staff time, when people need it most and not just
when schedules say.


Increased ROI for Reservations

With more than 1,700 bookings flowing through Cohesion annually, the platform offers unprecedented insights into the way people are engaging with building spaces. Cohesion helps clients know how and when specific tenants are using the gym, and the monthly revenue generated by your rooftop patio.

Cohesion takes the guesswork out of strategic decisions needed to maximize space engagement, capitalize revenue generation, and manage capital expenses. The amenity feature is fully customizable for each building’s unique spaces and provides for a seamless booking experience for increased space activation and amenity awareness.

Increased ROI for Reservations, Case Study Cohesion

Digital Operations

Digital Operations Case Study Cohesion

Operating + Service Requests to Staff Efficiently

Smart building technology with unified digital operations reduces time required to service tenants and support many essential operations that
are currently manual and through siloed systems.
With one client, Cohesion’s platform allowed for a shared service model of labor, reducing labor costs and increasing collaboration within that client’s portfolio of assets.

To properly scale operations, teams can enable permissioned tenants to perform relevant actions. This process is easily managed by the most flexible roles and permissions platform in the industry