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You carefully orchestrate all the building activities, ensuring every day runs smoothly for the people in your building. Now, it’s time to add a digital touch to your operational processes.

Experience new, digitally streamlined workflows that include automations to reduce your workload. This flexibility empowers you to do your job from anywhere, anytime and keep an eye on building activities with real-time views of occupancy, visitors, vendors, amenity bookings and much more.

Enhance the productivity of your staff, and increase tenant retention through exceptional service while providing ownership comprehensive reports.

Cohesion Smart Building Going Beyond Demand Controlled Ventilation to Improve Air Quality
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Office needs are changing, technology is essential


of companies say the office is operationally vital to their business success


of companies put a higher value on two- to four-year flexible, short-term leases


of companies will allow
permanent hybrid work model

A sleek concierge desk facilitates a building visitor checking in with a QR code.
A building manager, Mark, is using the cohesion application to review the building assets. His co-worker is pointing out that the conference room air quality sensor is offline. Mark is frustrated.

Get the industry's only unified software platform for data, operations and experience

Operational excellence and expense containment are your focus. Sustainability practices and tenant engagement are your commitment. We give you an impressive ability to stay ahead of the industry.

Benefits of Choosing a CRE Property Management Solution

The right CRE solution can help you cut costs, meet your tenants' needs and optimize your workflow. You should address your specific business objective in streamlining the day-to-day operations of managing your property.

A building manager, Mark, is using the cohesion application to review the building assets. His co-worker is pointing out that the conference room air quality sensor is offline. Mark is frustrated.

We provide a comprehensive solution to gather information for the systems behind your buildings as well as the tenants and team members working within the space. Our centralized database provides streamlined dashboards and reports for an easy flow of information. We also provide tenant engagement reports and amenity reservations, so you can prioritize tasks and never miss a request. The tool also provides space management, room configuration and occupancy insights for maximum effectiveness.

Our data query tool also allows you to search and export information with the click of a button. Effectively manage your assets with device spatial mapping, asset usage and asset locations. Our proprietary Elevate Dashboard™ provides an interactive dashboard interface to review real-time data and data trends.

Whether you want to manage data to maximize your team’s performance or optimize tenant satisfaction, CRE property management tools can help. Read more information about our data intelligence tools to explore your options 

Our digital platform integrates environmental controls, maintenance management, people management and property operations into an all-in-one seamless platform. The focus of these tools is to centralize and automate your workflows so that you can focus on your team and tenants.

The environmental controls allow for HVAC scheduling and controls as well as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring and optimization. Our maintenance management platform also manages service requests and vendor management, asset stocking and billing. Our human resources management tool tackles role assignments and permissions, access control, mass communication and pooling. Lastly, the property operations management tool controls your visitor, amenity, document and space management. 

When you need to take your operations management to the next level, the right CRE solution can digitize your processes and automate your workflow. Discover more about our digital operations management features for Cohesion. 

Cohesion IAQ dashboard on a desktop computer and mobile phone.
Cohesion Smart Building What's on th Top of Mind for Tenants Returning to Work

Commercial real estate technology can revolutionize how you interact with tenants. Cohesion manages the tenant experience by making it easy, relaxing and user-friendly. The platform can manage amenity and fitness reservations and organize calendars for business meetings and events. The tool also provides convenience features like live support chat, mobile keycards and elevator call buttons. Our platform can expand to handle transportation issues like transit schedules, bike parking and food ordering.

Whether you want to take your customer service to the next level or your team wants to digitize existing processes, Cohesion is here to help. Learn more about how Cohesion is a one-stop location for shifting the digital tenant experience. 

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