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ESG is a commitment to making a positive impact on the planet and a greater positive impact on our people. Doing so in a measurable, sustainable way improves business outcomes and raises asset value. 

Sustainability and asset value  start with visibility into smart building operations and the tenant experience. Cohesion sits at the center of your building’s operation, perfectly positioned to help you tell your ESG story. 

ESG for long term value in commercial real estate

Begin your ESG strategy

This guidebook is a tool for commercial real estate and ancillary industry professionals to understand the three pillars of an environmental social and governance (ESG) strategy:

The ESG Report provides owners and operators a real-time automated dashboard

Simple Reports for all Stakeholders

Have collaborative conversations with your staff and stakeholders related to sustainability projects, cost efficiency measures, and DEI initiatives.

Benchmark your ESG Initiatives

Execute faster on certifications such as LEED, WELL, and SmartScore with live metrics that ensure your assets are on track to perform on industry audits. 

Mission Align with Tenants

Leasing and marketing teams share summaries of ESG initiatives with current and prospective tenants, aligning to their ESG values or corporate reporting requirements.

An Example of cohesion's Building ESG Report
200 South Clark software ESG Building Snapshot for quarter 1 of 2022 Social and Governance data


Report on detailed energy, water, waste, indoor air quality and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data through integrations, IoT, and platform features.


Automatically report on your building's aggregated occupancy, space activation, and people engagement data to key social metrics and benchmarks.


Highlight certifications and awards you have achieved for operational excellence. Report on monitoring metrics, such as compliance for vendors and certificates of insurance, fire drills, technical audits, DEI goals and more. 

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It impacts more than the environment


of global carbon output comes from building construction and operations


of global carbon output comes from building operations such as HVAC and lighting


decrease in C02 emissions required by 2030 in existing buildings


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CRE buildings is wasted

Get structured data for your ESG goals

We offer a broad set of features, organized by modules, that are essential for building operation and tenant experience. The underlying data of each feature was designed to automatically align to an ESG theme. 


Environmental Controls

ESG reporting enables your organization to baseline environmental goals and efficiently track to those goals. You'll be able to schedule HVAC based on demand as well as ensure proper preventive maintenance to maximize tenant comfort and ensure the equipment remains in peak operating condition with less waste. You'll also be able to monitor and optimize indoor air quality. ​

Digital Operations

Increase ESG data metrics based on your digital operations performance. Track vendor management capabilities, COIs, and even DEI goals. Accurate inventory and asset tracking, allows you to detect anomalies and understand what is offline and not at peak performance. This allows you to run a more efficient and cost-effective real estate operation while tracking to ESG benchmarks.


The Reservation feature capabilities enables you to understand how, when, why, and where humans use space and build community. This allows you to see how you are enabling community based on occupant parking, fitness center access and utilization and other offerings, such as conference rooms, outdoor amenities, retail space, and other common area amenities.​


Part of social responsibility is to communicate transparently and effectively in a timely fashion. With Cohesion’s communications features, platform users can access relevant information, including mass and emergency notifications, health information such as indoor air quality, building information, and polling.


ESG has become a strategic imperative for real estate operators and owners to create resilient and responsible businesses, while meeting the demands of investors, tenants, and employees. Resiliency of real estate can be achieved if place is always valued and useful. This value is created when place has a feeling of community. With Cohesion’s community building features such as transit, nearby dining, affinity group gatherings, and more – Cohesion helps you achieve your ESG community goals. ​


Generate environmental, social and governance reports that help your real estate business demonstrate regulatory compliance regarding Systems and Organization Controls (SOC) 2. Highlighted elements of the Cohesion platform include Design Forward UX and various web + mobile applications.​

Let's get your ESG program set for success

We can get your ESG reporting started or give a free consultation on how to begin an ESG program for your buildings. Let us know how we can help.

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