Amenity management

Simplify your reservation system for amenities and flex spaces

Promote, activate and manage amenities, fitness centers, outdoor spaces, and flex suites all in a unified platform. Simplify processes with our industry leading real-time amenity planning and management technology.

Our unique technology

With just a few clicks, tenants can easily reserve amenity spaces within their building. Without Cohesion, a tenant would have to coordinate with an events manager and go through a cumbersome booking process to use the available spaces in their building. The seamless booking experience drives tenants to use the spaces and amenities that are available to them.​

Custom amenity configurations

Create and advertise your amenity to maximize bookings and revenue. Options include images, description, layouts, equipment, reservation structure (hourly vs. time blocks), and payment methods, including credit card, ACH, or invoice.

Seamless Amenity Reservations

With just a few clicks, tenants easily access and reserve any of the spaces and amenities available in your building.

Amenities calendar

As a building manager, have a snapshot view that allows you to see reservations for the day, week and month while reducing time spent checking disparate calendars and sources of reservation information.

Room display integration (requires Crestron hardware)

Display reservation details outside of amenity rooms and allow tenants to dynamically reserve a space on a Crestron screen or remotely on the Cohesion app.

Generate Revenue

Generate bookings revenue directly through integrated amenities payments. Gain more awareness of available amenities to maximize tenant usage.

Real-Time Space Usage Evaluation

Evaluate space-specific usage to make informed space reallocation decisions and know what your tenants' changing amenity needs are.

Value for Property Management Teams

Increase Occupancy

One of the most effective ways to entice employees back into the office is through the differentiated amenities and spaces that buildings offer. Draw tenant users back to the office to increase building asset ROI

Generate Revenue ​

Generate booking revenue directly through integrated amenities payments. Through the amenities and space management feature, building managers can promote their spaces, simplify the booking process for tenants, and track usage of amenities.

Value for Tenants

Easy Amenity Reservation

One of the most effective ways to entice employees back into the office is through the differentiated amenities and spaces that buildings offer. Draw greater amenity usage by allowing people to make reservations from anywhere, at anytime and know when amenities are available.


Creating an amenity space in Cohesion takes mere minutes! Initially, the Cohesion team will use its expertise to configure your amenities for maximum usage and engagement. Following this setup, you can use our self-serve tools to make modifications and create new amenities with ease.

Yes! Customize images and text to promote your spaces, include floor plans and setup instructions, control pricing based on day and time of week, establish approval requirements for booking, and more.

Building managers can access the built-in approval flows to coordinate amenity bookings across the building. Furthermore, the amenity calendar acts as a single view of all amenity activity to understand and manage reservations across tenants.

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