Amenity management

Simplify your reservation system for amenities and flex spaces

Promote, activate and manage amenities, fitness centers, outdoor spaces, and flex suites all in a unified platform. Simplify processes with our industry leading real-time amenity management and planning technology.

Our unique technology

With just a few clicks, tenants can easily reserve amenity spaces within their building. Without Cohesion, a tenant would have to coordinate with an events manager and go through a cumbersome booking process to use the available spaces on the property. Cohesion also automatically prevents problems like double-booking, and the system can add a tenant’s name to a waitlist if an amenity isn’t available.

Custom amenity configurations

Create and advertise your amenity to maximize bookings and revenue. Options include images, description, layouts, equipment, reservation structure (hourly vs. time blocks), and payment methods, including credit card, ACH, or invoice. The app lets you show off your building and its features.

Custom amenity configurations

Make it easy for tenants to find and reserve amenities. With just a few clicks, tenants easily access and reserve any of the spaces and amenities available in your building. 

Amenities calendar ​

As a building manager, have a snapshot view that allows you to see amenity reservations for the day, week and month while reducing time spent checking disparate calendars and sources of reservation information.

Room display integration

Display reservation details outside of amenity rooms and allow tenants to dynamically reserve a space on a Crestron screen or remotely on the Cohesion app.

Generate Revenue

Generate bookings and revenue by highlighting your office building’s amenities and allowing tenants to pay through Cohesion’s integrated payments system.

Real-Time Space Usage Evaluation

Evaluate space-specific usage to make informed space reallocation decisions and know what your tenants’ changing amenity needs are. Identify underutilized spaces and amenities and develop strategies for maximizing their value to you and to your tenants.

Amenities dashboard on mobile device with info and reservation opportunities

Value for Property Management Teams

Cohesion gives property managers a powerful tool for bringing employees into the office while simultaneously reducing the amount of time and paperwork their team members must devote to managing the reservation system. That combination translates to higher return on investment for property managers.
With Cohesion, you can:

Promote your building's selling points

Amenities from gyms to conference rooms to lounges are important draws for tenants and their employees. You can use the the Cohesion's platform and the app to capitalize on the rise of remote work and raise the visibility of those resources by including the photos and descriptions that portray them best.

Translate interest into revenue

Cohesion’s user-friendly reservation and payment capabilities make it easy for tenants to find what they're looking for and go ahead with making plans.

Manage the app based on your preferences

You can set the app to automatically accept reservations for open timeslots or have the system send requests on to an employee for quick review and approval — you control the process and can set it up however works best for your team.

Improve your management team's efficiency

Building managers also reap the benefits of Cohesion’s automated reservation, payment and calendar software. Instead of asking your team to devote time to fielding phone calls, responding to emails, and juggling calendars and reservations, you can have Cohesion manage the process largely automatically.

Stay on top of how tenants use your amenities

Cohesion allows you to easily track your tenants' usage of your building's amenities, billing and payment information, and more — you get all of the benefits of perfect record-keeping with none of the hassle or overhead.

Cohesion software for amenities featuring a rooftop lounge and all of its details and reservation information.
Cohesion Smart Building Technology Making Office Amenities Simple

Value for Tenants

Cohesion makes it a snap for your tenants to find, reserve, and enjoy your building's amenities. The benefits include:


- A platform accessible from your tenants' computers, tablets, and smartphones, allowing them to see at a glance which amenities and spaces are available.
- An amenity reservation and payments system that offers a straightforward process for making and paying for a booking.
- Convenient features like email confirmations for upcoming bookings and waitlists for popular amenities.

Both you and your tenants can also benefit from using Cohesion to plan events in the building.
The app will stay on top of scheduling, RSVPs, and other logistics, allowing hosts to focus on using events to develop and deepen relationships among friends and colleagues.


Creating an amenity space in Cohesion takes mere minutes! Initially, the Cohesion team will use its expertise to configure your amenities for maximum usage and engagement. Following this setup, you can use our self-serve tools to make modifications and create new amenities with ease.

Yes! Customize images and text to promote your spaces, include floor plans and setup instructions, control pricing based on day and time of week, establish approval requirements for booking, and more.

Building managers can access the built-in approval flows to coordinate amenity bookings across the building. Furthermore, the amenity calendar acts as a single view of all amenity activity to understand and manage reservations across tenants.

Cohesion’s security program is built on well-established standards, such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and SOC 2, which is annually audited. Additionally, we subject our infrastructure to twice annual penetration and vulnerability tests by third parties. On top of all that, we deploy our infrastructure in Azure’s well-protected cloud.

Let's connect

Cohesion's powerful functionality makes it easy for tenants to reserve amenities and for you to manage the process. Let us know if you have any questions about our amenity reservation system or would like to see a demo of our advanced smart building technology. We look forward to helping you and your tenants get the most out of your building.

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