Complex data that isn’t complicated

Cohesion provides the commercial real estate industry’s only consolidated analytics and intelligence platform that provides real-time actionable insights into tenant engagement, building operations, space utilization, building performance and ESG metrics.

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Bring transparency into smart building operations
with synchronized and standardized data

300 million+

people and system data points
analyzed per building


IAQ data points
analyzed daily, per building


data pipelines

Commercial real estate’s most advanced tools for understanding and optimizing building performance

Tenant Engagement Report

Summarizes metrics and insights useful for understanding your ROI related to shared spaces, tenant vitality, lease churn, and staffing, based on occupancy and service trends.

ESG Report

Automatically connects your building's energy, occupancy, space activation, and people engagement data to key Environmental, Social, and Governance goals and benchmarks.

Data Query + Export

Access your data with our fast and powerful multi-database query tool. One place for all your custom analyses.

Elevate Dashboard

Comprehensive, interactive dashboard allows users to monitor building systems and assets in real-time. View historic trends, and understand human interactions within the building. Uncover relationships between environmental factors and your building data to improve operational decision-making.

Occupancy + Space Utilization Dashboard

Monitor occupancy in real-time and see how many people are in any space at a given time. Data sources include access control systems, occupancy sensors, beacons, visitor management systems, amenity reservations, and more.

Asset Inventory Dashboard

View all your device and sensor configurations, connectivity, and location information in a single dashboard. Uncover missing, misconfigured, or offline devices.


No. Cohesion’s native feature functionality works seamlessly with our data insights and dashboards. Through deep integrations with most major CMMS platforms, air quality sensors, access control systems, and occupancy sensing devices, your existing solutions work equally well with all the data intelligence features Cohesion has to offer. With Cohesion, you benefit from rich customization of roles and permission across the platform, to ensure the right people have access to the right information. 

At Cohesion, protecting the security and privacy of our customers is at the core of our mission. To achieve this, we take a best-in-class, multi-faceted approach.

Cohesion maintains SOC 2 Type II compliance for security, with additional focus on the availability of our product and the confidentiality of your information. 

When we grant access to data and systems, we do it only when required, based on a trackable process.  

Our infrastructure is continuously monitored for operational and security events, regularly patched, and redundantly backed up. And we encrypt all sensitive data in transit and at rest. We have an incident management program that classifies, documents, and addresses each incident accordingly. ​​

No. The Cohesion app does not replace or break the existing functionality your BAS systems, maintenance management systems, and other tools you may currently use. In the case of systems like your BAS, Cohesion commands to BACnet devices directly to augment existing systems based on a broad set of contextual data points. 

The value of data

Holistic, centralized data and comprehensive insights are the biggest differentiators in real estate. Unlock your data to streamline operations and attract and retain the best tenants.