Proven process
from implementation
to customer success​

New tech adoption and trust can be a long, challenging journey. We understand the elements that can disrupt your success, whether it’s lack of user understanding or how to interpret the new data you are receiving, know that we have your back. We are experts in what to expect and expediting the process as you bring new technology to your teams and users within your building or portfolio. We have all the guidance, training materials and communications you need to ensure you get the most successful outcomes from your new technology.

What you can expect
from us

Smart Building Tech Evaluation + Roadmap​​​

We offer free smart building technology evaluations that assess your building or portfolio systems, such as access control, elevator, HVAC and others. From there, we create a roadmap for how to digitally reposition your assets, including any sensors, scanners or other equipment you may need.​


Our technology is installed in phases, the first of which is complete within two weeks and gives your tenants the Tenant Experience app. Other technology integrations depend on your current systems and average only a few weeks to complete implementation. ​

Lifelong Customer
Success Support​

From the start, our dedicated Customer Success team will be there to answer any questions, drive trust and adoption of your new technology and track usage and insights for you. They are an extension of your team and driven to ensure your success, holding several meetings at regular intervals and ensure your experience is no less than excellent.​

New Tech Adoption Support + Onboarding Resources​​

New technology can be intimidating for some people. We understand this and have all the resources available for users at all levels to feel confident and comfortable in understanding their new workplace technology. Whether it’s your team or your tenants, we give white-glove care in the form of user guides, how-to videos and online or in-person training sessions.​

Usage Tracking +

We also support your success through optimizing usage. We review and discover key indicators of opportunities to further enhance usage for richer data collection and an enhanced experience for your tenants and their employees. We give you your reports and feedback on a regular basis so you can truly understand your data and achieve your goals. ​

Ongoing Tech

As you and your teams learn the value of smart building technology, new features will come along and we are able to help you integrate and consider the best options. This evergreen platform means as new technologies are developed, our experts will give you ongoing consultations on what is available and how to best optimize the performance in your building.​


Our goal is to come into a building, work with your system providers, work with your hard-ware in the building, and make recommendations on trusted providers where you may have questions. Once we go through that process we will then be able to integrate all those things into our platform, so your transition to a smart building has very low capital intensity and is about adding that functionality for your team. We work directly with providers, our team does the integrations, we control the timeline, we control the User Experience, which means you get the best possible outcomes through those integrations.

We are always communicating directly with the integrated system via the interface that is provided by the integrator – API or direct to database. Cohesion’s integrations do not rely on writing a flat file for EDI communication with a system.

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will become your primary point of contact upon completing the implementation of the essential components of the solution within the building.

Once you sign a contract and complete implementation – we don’t disappear! We put into practice a proven and hands-on process that is centered on developing trust and confidence of users in the Cohesion platform. Our proven process begins with concise and thorough training, which includes digital materials. Upon completing training, you will have a dedicated Customer Success Manager as your trusted advisor and live customer support to help answer any questions.