One app for seamless flexibility between home office and work office

Mobile apps already define most people's life experiences whether it's social media, banking, or ordering food and transportation. The office is no different.

Cohesion helps you address the needs of the people in your building and the company representatives who run the workplace. Many tenants don’t want to interact with building staff – they expect that the office is technologically advanced. This allows them to get into the office smoothly and work in a comfortable environment so they can focus on being productive while at work.

With role-based permissions, tenant managers can do more, such as put in service requests and book company events. While tenant employees can pay for daily parking, find a nearby happy hour and use their mobile phones as a keycard.

Five office workers sit down in an office amenity space, brainstorm their next quarter projections. Of course they get off track by Sarah, who is telling them a story about her crazy weekend. Either way it's a great use of time.

Your tenants expect you to have an app for a productive office experience

184 billion

estimated total apps that will be downloaded by 2024


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Cohesion platform user adoption

Thoughtful design. Amazing tenant experience.

Building access keycard on a phone with a list of nearby reader locations


With the Cohesion app, your daily building tasks and controls live in your pocket and in your hands. You can do everything that your workday requires without having to wait for building management or security to respond to a phone call or email. 

A redhead woman in a blue shirt uses the cohesion web platform to book, the building amenity space. Even though its last minute because she forgot, the cohesion platform shows there is time later today and is able to book it immediately. Good Job office woman saving the work party!


Working from home can be monotonous and lonely. When you come into the office building you want to collaborate, be social, and network. With the Cohesion app, you can do just that – see what’s happening in the building, book live fitness classes, or collaborate with your colleagues and affinity groups in the building. 

Melissa, opens up her cohesion app to call an elevator to her floor.


With smart controls integrated into the Cohesion app, you have the digital controls at your fingertips. This makes your experience in a Cohesion building healthier with touchless controls, more productive with a single place for everything, and more intelligent because it learns where you like to go. 

Cohesion Smart Building Technology
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