Advanced visitor
management technology

Digitize and streamline your visitor management process with permission-based access.

Our Visitor Management system is a convenient and secure way to schedule guests and visitors from anywhere, anytime. This eliminates the need to connect with management and security teams as visitors are scheduled or arrive.

Value for your users

Strict Permission-Based Access

Only authorized personnel can access the visitor management feature to invite guests.

Easy Scheduling

Authorized users can invite visitors through the Cohesion app and eliminate the need to manually connect with building staff. Authorize visitors based on building areas and timeframes for their visit.

Touchless QR Code Entry

Guests will receive a QR code via email that grants them access to designated areas of the building by simply scanning their phone. This eliminates the need for building staff to pre-register visitors and also the need for you to meet guests in the lobby.

Streamline Arrival Process

Invite multiple individuals as part of one visit, create recurring visits and allow multiple people in with a single pass.​ Multiple users can be informed of guests' arrival – even those who did not create the visit.

Recurring Visitors

Create reoccurring visits to automatically populate in the system and remove the task of manually scheduling your guests each time.

Secure Buildings

Management and security teams have full visibility of who is entering the building throughout the day and what areas visitors have access to. This ensures only those who should be in the building have the ability to enter.

Benefits of our visitor management system

Removes the need to manually coordinate visits

Trusted visitors bypass the time-consuming security check-in process

Visitors get access to the elevators and turnstiles within their authorized spaces

No need to worry about visitors reentering the building after their authorized time

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