Get the app that unites all of your global offices and employees

Leverage our digital technology to unlock the value of integrated offices and employees. The data they generate helps you create improved  health, engagement, and sustainability.

Our platform is an intuitive and highly productive digital tool that you and your employees need. It provides access to all global offices and the ability to invite visitors, order lunch, centralize communications, create and process service tickets and more.

We help you work with your landlords for increased connectivity between enterprise, office, and building.

Two woman putting up sticky notes on a white board. Probably planning a really cool project.

Workplace of the future needs technology for connection, collaboration and community


fewer employee sick days
in healthy buildings
that focus on air quality


annual productivity increase in a
company’s bottom line, per employee,
from improved ventilation


increased employee retention
for companies that
promote collaboration

The globally-connected technology for unified workplaces

Prioritize connection, collaboration and community in work environments,
with a single unified experience for your employees

Streamline manual tasks and tools used by workplace and operation teams
while offering a digital productivity tool for employees

Access real-time data to understand how successfully
the workplace is engaging your employees

Mitigate risk with best- in-class software and cybersecurity

Ensure a healthy workplace environment, including good indoor air quality
and touchless smart controls

Someone in a coffee shop, smartly, using the cohesion app to look up other nearby coffee shops.
A man spending his workout looking at his phone. Of course, using the cohesion app to schedule other workout classes.
Martha, a executive business woman using the cohesion's air quality feature to look up the office air quality. She is relieved to see that it is good so she can go outside and take a smoke break.

Create your workplace
of the future

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