The most intelligent “smart building” starts at construction 

A man's hand drawing a blueprint for a smart building where technology integration starts at construction

While there is no shortage of amazing building automation systems, smart elevator controllers, access control systems or energy management solutions, all smart building systems are not created equal.   

Often, in many buildings, these systems are chosen by independent contractors and purchased and installed separately. This can result in systems that may deliver their function, but not the full value of interoperability or data insights.  

With expertise from years of observing these systems installed across millions of square feet of commercial buildings, we know beginning the systems specification phase as early in the building lifecycle as possible will ensure your asset delivers the most efficient, engaging and intelligent experience.   

Whenever assessing what smart tools and systems might be right for your building, at a minimum, ask these three basic questions:  

  1. Does the system providean API for integration with smart building technology such as a smart building app? APIs allow for collection and synchronization of data and events. This creates opportunities for novel, context-driven optimizations and experiences.  
  1. Are the card readers for the access control system Bluetooth enabled and mobile ready? Plastic keycards are costly, inconvenient, and not environmentally friendly. Moving credentials to mobile keycards is more secure and futureproof.  
  1. Do your devices connect over BACNet? The commands/set points, configured with proper priorities, as defined in the BACnet protocol specification, allow smart applications to add additional functionality to such building systems as IAQ optimization and demand-based energy optimization.  

If you’d like to learn more about how Cohesion can integrate every system in your building and enhance the value of your smart building investments, let us know and we will be in touch soon.  

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