Work Commuters Want VIP Access to Your Parking Garage – Now You Can Give It To Them 

Cohesion Smart Building Technology Parking Feature

One of the biggest barriers in returning to work is the commute.  Every step of the way can be stressful for the people coming to your building – getting stuck in traffic, unexpected delays, or finding a place to park that doesn’t break the bank. This can cause issues with booking the spaces in your building’s parking garage – costing you valuable revenue in unused spaces or denying you the opportunity to offer exclusive parking for the people in your building. 

Offer exclusive VIP options for the people in your building 

According to USA Today, commuters in most major cities spend an average of 17 hours per year searching for parking. Using our new parking feature, you can choose to offer your parking exclusively to Cohesion users and tenants in your building. This restricted access provides a VIP feature that will ensure ample parking capacity for tenants and reliable data on how your most important customers are engaging with the parking experience. Marrying Cohesion’s occupancy data with parking engagement will inform you on how to create a demand-based pricing strategy to optimize parking revenue while delivering a VIP experience for your tenants. 

Parking Feature – Cohesion Unified Software Platform

Give them a seamless, digital experience 

While we can’t solve traffic problems (don’t worry though, it’s on our roadmap J), we have solved parking angst by designing a one-touch mobile experience to quickly access your building’s garage via QR code. No more need for users to frantically search for parking in busy and costly downtown areas. Users will love that they can either book ahead in your Cohesion app or purchase parking at the garage in a matter of seconds, upon arrival. Users can also click into the Cohesion app to understand important details of where they’re parking, such as access to an EV charging station or areas with ample clearance for a larger vehicle. 

Get the data + insights you need 

Beyond a seamless parking experience, our technology offers owners and management teams contextualized data and insights on how and when tenants are using parking. This offers you the ability to make informed decisions to design pricing and promotion strategies that maximize usage and revenue generation. We can answer your most important parking questions:  

  • What percentage of tenants are using the parking garage today?   
  • What is the month-over-month increase in parking usage? 
  • How much parking revenue is generated on Monday’s compared with Thursdays? 

Create ESG campaigns to support your goals 

With a holistic, digital parking process, Cohesion enables you to measure the ESG outcomes of your tenant’s commute.  For example, imagine you’re running a “bike-to-work” campaign for a week to incentivize commuters to reduce overall emissions footprint.  Through Cohesion, you can now measure the lift in bike parking, reduction in car parking usage, and the resultant greenhouse gas emissions reduction of the building’s initiative. 

Whether you’re looking to offer a seamless experience to your tenants, optimize for new sources of revenue, or craft measurable ESG initiatives, Cohesion will help you maximize the value from your parking experience. 

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