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Enhance the value of your building by connecting tenants with the spaces, services, and experiences that make your building unique.​

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Two phones showing a mobile keycard and the building elevator call features.

Touchless Access Control

Provide a seamless experience to digitally access all your building’s physical locations through your smartphone.

With one tap, use a mobile phone instead of a physical plastic keycard to unlock all doors from curb to desk.

Invite visitors and automatically generate an email that coordinates visits, information, mobile access, and arrival notifications. ​

Request an elevator via your mobile device by selecting from a list of pre-cleared floors​.

Amenity Reservations

Maximize the value of your amenities through Cohesion’s amenity booking and management platform.

View, reserve, and pay for upcoming fitness classes in real-time.

Find, book, and pay for the perfect space for a board meeting, working lunch, or company event. ​

View the days and times that different amenities are available for reservation​.

Two phones showing the amenity options offered as well as a fitness class confirmation.


Build your workplace community, create awareness about events and perks in and around the building, and communicate to all the building tenants and operators.

Reference quick building facts, such as Wi-Fi, building hours, contact information, local weather, social media, and more.​

Stay informed of planned building events, announcements, and promotions. ​

Manage tenant facing events with the building calendar, push notifications and promotions directly to curated user groups. Highlight key building information to keep everyone informed.​

Activate underutilized spaces by hosting events and activities such as pop-up retail and local spotlights.

Offer a simple way to create exclusive offers at in-building and nearby retailers that are only available to app users in your building.​

Inform users of building events, general announcements, and emergency alerts via SMS text, email, push notification, and robocall.​

Make it easy for tenants to find technical support, ask questions, and address concerns in real time through our chat portal directly in the app.


Simplify the commuting process by providing reservation capabilities and information for transit in a single place.

Access executive parking spaces and reserve daily parking to promote your in-building parking garage​.

Reserve, pay, and grant access through mobile keycards to bike parking rooms and incentivize green transit​.

Whether by car, train, rideshare, or bicycle plan your commute and enjoy a welcoming end of trip experience​.

Two phones showing a daily parking pass and bike room features.
Two phones showing nearby locations for restaurants and shopping in the building.

Food + Retail

Easily find in-building and nearby food options, happy hour spots, and the closest places to get your daily errands completed.

Order delivery or pickup from the best restaurants that are in your neighborhood.

Discover nearby retailers or service providers such as shipping and copying, shoe services, or grooming services.


Cohesion has a dedicated implementation team that proactively engages with you to craft a tenant experience that fits your needs. We also host trainings, share user guides, and have a dedicated live chat feature to ensure customer success.

Yes! Our platform is designed to work with the existing systems you have in place.  With our extensive library of integrations, which is constantly growing, we have the flexibility and implementation expertise to enable our experience platform within your building’s specific context.

Yes!  Our product provides rich customization of roles and permission across the platform to ensure the right people can perform the tasks they need.

Get the tenant experience app your people will actually use

With our proven new tech onboarding process and hands-on training, we ensure the best experience for all. Let us know how we can help you create greater connection, collaboration and community within your buildings.

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