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building resiliency is more important now than ever before

physically, we are at least 6 feet apart

professionally, we are working from our own homes

emotionally, our stress levels are high

at the same time, we are confident that solidarity and unity will help us overcome this tumultuous time  

the safety and well-being of your team and your building’s tenants are of utmost importance and buildings are more than static facades, as each property’s responsiveness, flexibility and sustainability are put to the test

cohesion was made for times like these

times of uncertainty

times that will change behavior now and for the foreseeable future

times when resiliency matters more than ever before

1 : a condition in which people or things are closely united

cohesion unites the power of technology, connectivity and human engagement to create resiliency

definition of cohesion

cohesion equips real estate owners and operators with the actionable intelligence to improve building resiliency through connected operations and communities

cohesion intelligent building platform web interface
cohesion intelligent building platform mobile interface

intelligent building platform

cohesion delivers actionable intelligence, so you can

service and communicate with your tenants during times of uncertainty

remotely monitor and operate your building in a web and mobile application

gain visibility to your building's daily occupancy, space utilization, service request workflows, amenity reservation revenue streams and more

quickly change building system settings to reduce energy expenditures and adjust resources to save costs

quickly change building system settings
service and communicate with tenants
remotely monitor and operate building
gain visibility to building insights

cohesion creates comprehensive benefits for all building key stakeholders

exceed sustainability goals

increase operational transparency

drive asset value

enhance tenant experience

leverage insights portfolio-wide

enable tenants, operators and owners to interact seamlessly with the places, spaces, systems, assets, resources and communities of their office building for greater productivity and connectivity

reduce costs

reduce costs
enhance tenant experience
increase operational transparency
exceed sustainability goals
drive asset value
leverage insights portfolio-wide