Enhance decision making and optimize global operations

Leverage Cohesion’s enterprise secure digital products to unlock the value of integrated spaces around work, infrastructure, and your industry. The insights generated enables you to create improved health, engagement, and sustainability outcomes for your people, spaces, and assets.

Gain valuable insights into asset utilization, workforce dynamics, and resource consumption

Cohesion is built for all your enterprise needs

Control access, optimize maintenance, and manage experience to stay competitive. 

Enhanced Security and Control

With features such as a digital control room, mobile access control, and centralized user management, we ensure comprehensive security while providing seamless control over building access and resources. This approach is further fortified by our strong physical, data, and cyber security protocols.

Healthy and Efficient Workspaces

We prioritize the health and productivity of your team. Through real-time occupancy data, air quality management, and occupancy sensing, we facilitate efficient use of spaces and maintain a healthy working environment.

Brand Promotion and Integration

With a user-friendly app that promotes your brand and a robust back-end infrastructure that offers public API for third-party integrations, we provide a comprehensive solution that blends with your business operations while enhancing your brand presence.

User Empowerment and Convenience

Our solution emphasizes user autonomy, offering self-serve space and amenities reservations, ease of parking with access and reservations, and mobile access control. We accommodate traveling employees across office sites, delivering convenience wherever your work takes you.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our solutions are designed to scale across multiple buildings and adapt to diverse user needs, ensuring consistent and flexible management regardless of your company's size or structure.

Adaptable to any environment

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Drive enterprise workplace with smart building software that helps manage office spaces driven by real-time data 

  • Law firms
  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services

Infrastructure & Utility

Maintain and optimize assets with smart insights

  • Data Centers
  • Lab Sites
  • Logistics
  • Telecom
  • Media + Entertainment

Manufacturing & Industry

Power your production space with integrated controls

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