Smart Access

Modernize physical access to a reliable, integrated, and instant mobile experience

Smart Access by Cohesion, an integrated end-to-end cloud -based platform, combines credentials, card readers, and user management into one seamless system. No need for expensive capital expenses of replacing existing infrastructure. This all-in-one solution includes a connector utility, a mobile app, and an end-to-end platform.

Users enjoy touch-less access to all areas, including parking, doors, turnstiles, elevators, and even tenant office suites. Gain comprehensive insights on space utilization and office occupancy.

Comprehensive features to automate the entire security workflow from security teams to end users

One Touch Mobile Keycard

Users get touchless access to all spaces and places with your building – parking, doors, turnstiles, elevators, and office suites. They simply wave their mobile device in front of keycard readers equipped with Bluetooth/NFC radios for instant, touchless entry. This system offers users a quick, simple, and hygienic way into the building.

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Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

Store Mobile Keycards in Apple Wallet for fast and easy access from iPhones and Apple Watches – even when the device is turned off. Users no longer need to keep location set to “always on,” enhancing user privacy and eliminating Apple tracking notification. Wallet allows devices to carry multiple credentials so building and suites are easier to access. Keeps all systems in sync.

Elevator Call

Reduce touchpoints and provide truly seamless human experiences throughout a building with mobile elevator call. Users can designate an arrival floor from a list of options based on individual clearances. Avoid frustration from unknown waiting times by providing an arrival status. Assist users on where they are going through directional signage to informs which elevator cab to enter.

Cloud User Management

Mobile access control means that each user has all of the permissions they need on one device. The app is synchronized with all building entry points, even parking, for truly seamless access. Tenants can set permissions to meet their specific needs — for example, entry to sensitive areas of an office can be provided only to employees whose jobs require that access.

Integrated Visitor Management

A convenient and secure way to schedule guests and visitors from anywhere, anytime. This eliminates the need to connect with staff and security teams as visitors are scheduled or arrive – they will automatically have visibility and access to the spaces they are authorized. Visitors receive a meeting invitation via email that contains their time-based credential.

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Space Utilization

Space utilization reporting leverages sensors to understand how a conference room, desk, or even open space is being used throughout the day and week. Tracking space utilization metrics enables cost savings, improved productivity, informed decision-making, enhanced tenant and employee experience, and compliance with safety regulations. Reporting enables managers to create optimized, efficient, and people-friendly work environments that can positively impact the overall success of the business.

Occupancy Reporting

Access occupancy reporting that utilizes two distinct methodologies– check-ins based on access control badge swipes (both mobile and physical) and real-time occupancy based on sensors. The first tracking methodology allows management to observe the daily breakdown of people in the building by company, visitors and staff, and time of entry. Sensor-based occupancy provides insights on how many people are in any space at a given time but does not provide personal identifiable information. Dynamic occupancy insights measure both the flow of people and insights including real time space utilization. This dynamic occupancy is the key to having true and reliable occupancy and space utilization information that allows your teams to make modern decisions on how space is being utilized.


Do people actually use mobile keycards? Aren’t physical keycards just as easy?

Yes. The adoption rate of mobile keycards are over 90%, when the process to download a keycard is seamless. Also, with the new hybrid work model employees are always coming and going and they often forget their physical keycard. With mobile keycards, access permissions can be managed remotely which allows for real-time updates, enabling administrators to grant or revoke access instantly, without the need to physically retrieve or reissue keycards. This allows for instant service to employees removing the frustration of coming to the office. Mobile keycards can also be personalized for specific users, allowing access to certain areas based on roles or time schedules. This level of customization provides more control over access rights.

Does Cohesion provide advisory services to help me understand what my options on access control are?

Yes. The Cohesion services team assists in identification of core requirements of vendor software and client expectations. We conduct technical reviews of each vendor’s API and data accessibility.

Are mobile keycards secure?

Yes. Mobile keycards use encryption and advanced security protocols, making them more secure than traditional physical keycards. They are less susceptible to unauthorized duplication or tampering.

What is a cloud-based access control?

Cloud-based access control can be explained as entry to a building or doors being granted or removed remotely through a cloud-based software system that is accessible via any internet-connected device. Cloud software is defined as a network of remote servers hosted on the internet rather than on local servers or computers.

Cloud user management standardizes the user management interface across systems and enables operations control of managing user accounts and access privileges including handling user identities, authentication, authorization, and other related tasks in the cloud environment. Built for enterprise friendly use cases, you can manage users access across any combinations of card readers, base building access control system, elevator, office spaces, and parking structures from a single integrated platform.

What about physical keycards?

Yes. The unified mobile keycard experience is a modern, user-friendly way to manage instantaneous access, but if you have people that require the use of physical keycards they can be managed from same user access management interface.