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We streamline all your workflows and processes by integrating industry-leading building hardware and property or enterprise software right into the Cohesion unified platform.

With our implementation team, you can rest assured that we do the heavy lifting when it comes to your integrations. Unlike others, we don’t outsource or hire a third party to complete integrations. Our team consults directly with your vendors and becomes a Certified Partner to create reliable technology you can depend on. 

Our in-house integration approach coupled with our native Cohesion IoT platform, allows you to acquire data in real-time from every connected device in your building. Our technology contextualizes, normalizes, and structures this data into actionable insights so you can make informed decisions about your buildings.

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What are the benefits of integrated IoT
in a smart building platform?

Real-time data

get access to immediate, up-to-date information that helps you make timely and informed business decisions.

Streamlined processes and
cost reductions

an integrated IoT platform for smart buildings can help reduce your short- and long-term operating costs, resulting in a healthier bottom line.

Enhanced efficiency through automation

use automation to leverage IoT and take action based on the accumulated data. One example would be setting up a more efficient preventive maintenance program that enables a more proactive approach.

Robust Reporting

generate data-driven reports that deliver more insight into your operation. Detect trends that impact your business now and into the future.

Enhanced decision Making

by providing information based on building data trends, IoT data managed by Cohesion eliminates bias from business decisions, thus improving operators' decision making. Additionally, Cohesion's contextualized platform provides insights in real-time when the data is relevant and meaningful, which again aids the decision-making process.

Why certified integrations matter

API and SDK-level integrations offer the ability to engage multiple systems simultaneously in a single user flow and to create more seamless experiences. They provide bi-directional interactions with systems and deliver far richer data about those interactions to drive more actionable insights.​

And, most importantly, they “just work” for the people using these solutions in commercial buildings every day. That’s why Cohesion is continually adding to our library of API level integrations to ensure we’re creating the most engaging, seamless and data-rich building experiences in commercial real-estate.​

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For Cohesion, the term integration refers to creating real-time connections to the systems needed to operate, maintain and engage with a commercial building (access control, visitor management, elevators, parking, HVAC, etc.).

Best-in-class API level integrations allow for aggregation and normalization to offer portfolio-level analytics and the ability to compare operational efficiency between buildings. 

The integration process entails creating real-time connections between the systems required to operate, maintain and engage a commercial building. A fully integrated system enables you to transfer data seamlessly without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. ​

Our goal is to come into a building, work with your system providers, work with your hard-ware in the building, and make recommendations on trusted providers where you may have questions. Once we go through that process we will then be able to integrate all those things into our platform, so your transition to a smart building has very low capital intensity and is about adding that functionality for your team. We work directly with providers, our team does the integrations, we control the timeline, we control the User Experience, which means you get the best possible outcomes through those integrations.

Cohesion’s development team puts an enormous amount of effort into our Access Control framework to make all integration possible through our Rapid Integration Process, becoming officially certified partners in record time. 

Certification brings us lot of credibility and proves our ability to provide a simple and easy way to enable touchless access controls, mobile credentials, in-app elevator call button, and other smart building controls.​ We get listed as a Certified Partner on the 3rd party system’s website’s partners page​

We are always communicating directly with the integrated system via the interface that is provided by the integrator – API or direct to database. Cohesion’s integrations do not rely on writing a flat file for EDI communication with a system.

A smart building consists of integrated hardware and software that provides enhanced automation capabilities to make tenants’ lives easier and more convenient. 

Various smart building components include intuitive sensors that capture essential IoT integration data and transmit it to the cloud, analytics software that translates the collected data and an interface that delivers information to the end user. The Cohesion platform is an ideal solution for today’s residential buildings equipped with “smart” technology. 

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