How we started

Our company was founded in 2018 with a vision to disrupt the commercial real estate industry by creating a platform to combine human experiences with building systems, the two major factors to building operations.

Four years ago, Cohesion’s journey began serendipitously at a breakfast meeting between CEO, Thru Shivakumar and Raj Gupta, the Executive Chairman of ESD. They started talking about a technology ESD was envisioning in a building, a system that bridged the gap between tenant-facing applications and legacy operational systems that would allow the building to be flexible and responsive to tenants’ needs and have quantifiable and holistic data to guide environmental optimization. Six months after that breakfast, a deal was struck to spin the technology out of a mechanical engineering company and in August 2018, Cohesion was born.

Cohesion has risen to meet the challenges facing CRE as a startup but the work is more valuable now than ever. Macro factors such as continued hybrid work, increased focus on building health, need to reduce carbon emissions, and a declining CRE workforce are driving the desperate need for technology adoption in buildings.


Cohesion is on a mission to accelerate resilience in every building by connecting people, places, and the planet.

Striving for Excellence

As a fast-growing startup, we ensure our team stays true to the following core values to provide a satisfying and genuine experience for our customers and teammates. Our six core values are more than just words on a wall, they are a compass that guides our culture and productivity to ensure success on all levels – as individuals and as a team. These values were carefully chosen and are reinforced to ensure a thriving workplace environment.


We always do what is right and with the highest ethical standards. We acknowledge and embrace diversity of all forms within our company and strive to include others. In doing so, our customers, employees, investors, and shareholders will benefit.

Meaningful Interactions

We add value through our products and services by building meaningful connections inside the built environment to ensure true interoperability. We do not believe in wasted time, meaningless work, or siloed efforts.


We examine problems from all angles to create comprehensive solutions. We address the current and future needs of our customers and society. We strive to optimize the ecosystem.


We take ownership and accountability for our work. We demonstrate flexibility and go above and beyond our individual duties for the greater good of the business and our customers.

Continuous Improvement

We are ambitious, always on a journey to build our expertise and enhance the solutions we provide. We collaborate with customers and partners to always deliver the utmost quality in our products and services.

Action Bias

We stand up and take action. We encourage everyone to think critically and raise their voices to overcome obstacles and deliver the best possible outcomes for our employees, customers, partners, and shareholders.

We are committed to

Building and nurturing an inclusive workforce spanning across all team members within the company

​Ensuring an equitable recruiting process, committing to equal pay, investing in professional growth opportunities and sourcing a diverse candidate network ​

​Fostering a community of belonging where our employees feel valued, respected and engaged

Cohesion is recognized for innovative solutions and advanced technology.

Connected Real Estate Winner badge, 2022
2021 Maverick Awards Winner
Boma Chicago Member Badge
will reed award


We are a team of problem solvers, innovative thinkers, and those who aspire to make a difference in the commercial real estate industry.

Cohesion Ceo Thru Shivakuma smiles for a photo.

Thru Shivakumar

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

CTO Nik Patel Smiling at the camera.

Nik Patel

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Sabrina Zahn

Chief Marketing Officer

Kurt Emshousen Portrait

Kurt Emshousen

SVP of Finance and Operations​

Chad Flores

VP of Product

Taylor Marsh

VP of Sales | Commercial Real Estate

Leaha Pearman Portrait

Leaha Pearman

VP of Sales | Enterprise + Workplace

Dave Costa

VP of Partnerships

Raj Gupta

Board Member

Steven Koch

Board Member

Rick Snyder

Board Member

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