Smart Experience

Give users control over their workplace experience

Elevate your building and workplaces by connecting users with digital services, content, messaging, and immersive experiences that delight tenants and employees Stay ahead of the curve by harnessing insights into user preferences and tailoring your offerings accordingly.

With Cohesion, users can effortlessly explore the workspace and its surrounding community, reserve spaces, participate in building polls, assess transit options, secure parking, and stay in the loop with seamless communications.

Feature-rich at your fingertips

Effortlessly navigate building and neighborhood events, book conference rooms, and tap into an array of services – all at your fingertips.
Gain comprehensive insights of user activities, space and service utilization, and comfort preferences so you can optimize experiences for peak performance.

Engagement and Interaction

Attract engagement within your building community by creating awareness about events and share perks in and around the area with users. Emphasize your brand through your choice of images, colors, and more. Translate the positive experiences people are connected to in the space into goodwill and satisfaction.

  • Events Calendar Stay updated on upcoming happenings
  • Mass Communication Foster effective communication
  • Polling Harness the power of surveys


Gain comprehensive building details, streamlined document management, and effortless exploration of the local scene

  • Building Information Comprehensive details about your building at your fingertips
  • Document Management Streamline essential paperwork digitally
  • Nearby Retail and Food Info Explore the local scene with ease


Simplify the commuting process by providing reservation capabilities and information for transit in a single place

  • Transit Schedules By car, train, ride share, or bike conveniently plan your commute
  • Parking Reservations Access executive and daily parking to promote the parking feature at your building
  • Bike Parking Reserve, pay, and grant access through mobile keycards to bike parking


Maximize the value of your space through Cohesion’s reservation and management platform. The app makes it easy for users to see everything spaces have to offer and reserve with a few clicks. 

  • Office Space Reservations Comprehensive details about your building at your fingertips
  • Equipment Reservations View, reserve, and pay for equipment usage in real-time
  • Flex Space Reservations View the days and times that different amenities are available for reservation

Occupancy and Space Utilization

Monitor your building and space usage for insightful decision-making on how to position and reposition spaces

  • Occupancy Reporting Empower building managers Accurate occupancy reporting with real-time insights on space utilization and occupancy levels for improved resource allocation
  • Space Utilization Dashboard Activate underutilized spaces or reposition spaces based on trends and usage


How long does it take to set up Smart experience?

Cohesion has a dedicated implementation team that proactively engages with you to craft a user experience that fits your needs. We also host trainings, share user guides, and have a dedicated live chat feature to ensure customer success. We make sure you and your users can quickly take advantage of everything we have to offer. 

​Does Cohesion work with other systems or service providers?

Yes! Our platform is designed to work with the existing systems you have in place like reservation software and parking management tools. In combination with the Smart Access and/or Smart Maintenance products, you can also connect to access control systems, elevators, occupancy sensors, air quality, HVAC, CMMS, and more. With our extensive library of integrations, which is constantly growing, we have the flexibility and implementation expertise to enable our experience platform within your building’s specific context.

Can I customize Smart experience for my building's needs?

Yes!  Our product provides rich customization of roles and permissions across the platform to ensure the right people can perform the tasks they need.

How does the app provide data security?

Cohesion’s security program is built on well-established standards, such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and SOC 2, which are audited annually. Additionally, we subject our infrastructure to twice-annual penetration and vulnerability tests by third parties. On top of all that, we deploy our infrastructure in Azure’s well-protected cloud.