Smart Maintenance

Drive Operational Excellence with Unparalleled Efficiency and Delighted Occupants

Timely maintenance boosts occupant satisfaction. With Smart Maintenance by Cohesion, you can digitize workflows for efficient team management and seamless record-keeping. Handle service requests independently or integrate with third-party systems. Perform bi-annual inspections and manage vendors with simplicity.

Get more done and provide better service – without additional staff.

Simple platform for maintenance operations, enhanced with digital automations and controls

Work Orders

Digitize workflows to manage your teams more efficiently – all while keeping digital records. Manage work orders and maintenance requests on a standalone basis or via an integration to a third-party system, using the same user-friendly app design. Default priorities can be customized and set in advance for different request types​. People can communicate back and forth with building staff about a submitted ticket​. Appropriate staff acknowledge and easily assign requests via targeted escalation notifications​.

Work Order Reporting

Gain a comprehensive understanding of maintenance work trends within your building spaces and across your portfolio of buildings. Make informed operating decisions based on the frequency and priority of different types of work performed, as well as the specific spaces impacted within each building. The aggregated data provides your teams with valuable insights for optimizing staffing in response to service trends.


Harness the power of a versatile inspections tool for uncompromising quality. Management teams audit building systems by scheduling periodic building walkthroughs with engineering and facility management. Customize a standard inspection form for your portfolio of spaces​. Initiate inspections by setting an automated recurrence, due date, and default assignee​. Staff can mark any sub-optimal findings as action items for the operations team to assess.  

IAQ Monitoring + Optimization

Physically and digitally map sensors to monitor pollutants and alert permissioned operators to elevated levels based on ASHRAE guidelines. Live data allows real-time air quality monitoring based on various pollutants including TVOCs, particulates, and CO2. Optimize building conditions automatically by increasing outdoor air exchange for a healthy, efficient building. ​

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Vendor Management

Save your team invaluable time by automating the tedious process of managing outside vendors. With a defined digital approval workflow, staff can process vendors and contractor visits requests and manage certificates of insurance for people performing work at the building. Once onsite, vendors go through a check-in workflow process that maintains high security standards. Schedule recurring daily, weekly or monthly vendors visits in advance. ​

Temperature Controls

Enhance comfort instantly by in-app temperature adjustments to spaces, saving time for building engineers and elevating occupant comfort. Efficiently manage access to temperature controls through customized roles and permissions. Only allow for real-time adjustments within a predefined range, reducing maintenance costs and boosting operational efficiency. Gain valuable insights such as monitoring adjustments and system operations to better address issues, improving overall system performance

ESG Snapshot

Provide stakeholders with a simple but powerful report of your building’s ESG performance. Aggregate your building or portfolio level data and benchmark your unique ESG initiatives related to sustainability projects, DEI initiatives, certifications and rating systems like LEED, WELL, UL Healthy Buildings or SmartScore, and much more. Share your ESG Snapshot to mission align on mutual ESG values and reporting requirements.

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Do all people at the building get access to make a work order request? 

Only the people that you provide permission can process a work order. This can be as many or as few roles within the building as you like. With Cohesion, you benefit from rich customization of roles and permission across the platform, to ensure the right people can perform the right building tasks.

Does Cohesion work with my existing BAS system?

Yes! The Cohesion app does not replace or break the existing functionality your BAS system provides. In fact, Cohesion commands to devices directly to augment existing systems based on a broad set of contextual data. We make any building a smart building and help you achieve digital cohesion with our real time maintenance management features.

How long does it take to get started with Smart Maintenance?

Cohesion has a dedicated implementation team that proactively engages with your building staff to all existing and new building systems setup on the platform. We also host trainings, share how-to guides, and ensure every tenant company adoption is high. 

Do you integrate with my current maintenance software?

If you have an existing solution that you have grown used to, we offer deep integrations with most major maintenance platforms so there is no interruption of service for your team.